LOVE Immersion, an energetic healing for your heart and soul.  LOVE Immersion is guided and supported by Divine and the Angelic Realm.  Sessions support you in releasing your past pain, help heal wounds of the heart and release all that no longer serves you. The healing energy activates all of the love you already have within and aids in expanding your experience of Divine LOVE for self and those around you. 

Sessions include: clearing your Auric field, cleansing and aligning your Chakras, grounding your Energy to create balance throughout your body, promote peace and infuse you with Divine LOVE.

Meet Lisa


Your Angel Here on Earth

Energy Lightworker, Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner


Blessed at birth with an abundance of LOVE and joy, compassion and intuition, Lisa is fully tuned into the Divine and Angelic Realms. She receives clear guidance from her Angels on how best to serve those who seek her help. A personalized session with Lisa has been described as being embraced by a thousand angels at once: she heals her clients and fills their hearts with LOVE.  

“My early life was not peaceful or trouble-free.  Though I come from a large, loving family, I was also surrounded by chaos, drama and addiction. These experiences left their marks. My own Journey of self-healing and discovery began more than two decades ago; I have dug deep and traveled long and far to overcome my personal challenges. It is a lifelong, ongoing Journey; every day I do my very best to find the good, and to keep learning and growing, from the various lessons that are placed before me.  

I share these personal details with you so that you will know without a doubt that I completely relate to the problems faced by so many. I understand pain, fear, guilt, shame and self-doubt. It is my mission to transform these toxic feelings with the power of LOVE!

I am an Earth Angel, here to be of service in this lifetime. My gift is being the conduit of Divine LOVE… and I say LOVE is the one thing you cannot get too much of!  I am honored when I am called to share this LOVE with others…so please call upon me…I am here to help you!”

LOVE Immersion Healing House

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