"Love immersion is the best title, because going to these sessions is like being dipped into a cloud of love and nestled by angel’s wings! Thank you Lisa for being an access point of Divine Love into the realm of humanity!"

-Deonna B.

"Lisa is a special lady with very special gifts. I had the pleasure of participating in both her group and
individual sessions. I highly recommend her services. After you see her you will feel light, renewed
and full of amazing energy. I did. I love working with her."

-Andrea V.

"Thank you for the amazingly healing session and especially for listening and caring.
I felt good last night. A little rough today, but without seeing you I cannot imagine where I'd be.
THX AGAIN the session was amazing and I wish I could do it every week!!!"

-Julie M.

"Thank you my dear Lisa for a lovely session.. the healing was outstanding,  above and beyond my expectations. I felt exhilarated, I was flying high from all the love!"

-Edward B.

"Lisa I really enjoyed the meditation I attended. You are truly a gifted healer and have some lovely
techniques that you use. Your touch is very soothing. I hope I can attend another event soon."

-Gail S.

“After a major surgery, Lisa healed my body by removing the anesthesia and the fear that was trapped in me due to the massive procedure. All I know is when I left the session it was as if I had never been operated on. I couldn’t even feel where the incisions were sutured.”

-Denise P.

“I had my first Love Immersion session with Lisa recently. I didn’t know what to expect. Lisa and I connected immediately. I felt so at ease sharing my story with her. Lisa’s hands radiate a strong warmth. It is pretty amazing.  Towards the end I realized I had tears running down my face, and got very emotional. It was a very deep experience. When she was done, we talked about what she felt in me. It was very interesting to discover I hold a lot of dark blockage in a particular part of my body. It made so much sense. On the way driving home I felt very happy and clear. I am going to return for more sessions to clear my body further. Lisa is very special and truly has a spiritual energy running through her. Thanks!”

-Kelly N.

“Let me start off by saying, Lisa herself is such a beautiful energy to be around. She can instantly put your mind at ease and allow you to unwind and really take in all she has to offer. I met with Lisa prior to my 13th Rite visit for a "Crystal Healing" and I knew from then on that she was special. 

I am a two time surrogate who is about to embark on my third and final journey, when Lisa told me about the 13th Rite Ritual I was beyond excited. I completely trusted her and said let's do it! My initial understanding of the 13th Rite was that it was a way to cleanse, clear and prepare my body and my womb to carry another little soul. It was so much more than that. She has a beautiful set up waiting for me and I quickly gave into the space. She began with having me step into some warm water and she repeated powerful words to me as I placed my hands on my tummy. I soon joined in with her and instantly felt a power and warmth come over me. When I tell you that this ritual was the most profound of the many I have been through, it is not an understatement. I don't want to give too much away because it really is an incredible experience any mom, soon to be mom or hopeful carrier can gift themselves. I have no idea if the events are tied, but shortly after my 13th Rite with Lisa, my world seemed to fall into place as well, so many positive and prosperous things are falling into my lap and I couldn't be more grateful. Lisa, you are amazing and I am beyond words thankful for our session together. Thank you.”

-Serenity Tomlinson

“I had an amazing time with Lisa. During the session, my heart was healed both physically and emotionally! It is now 8 months later and I still feel a great sense of calm and renewal which has opened me to extend love to all I meet. Thanks for such a ‘Lovely’ experience.” 

-Jack T.

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