"Love immersion is the best title, because going to these sessions is like being dipped into a cloud of love and nestled by angel’s wings! Thank you Lisa for being an access point of Divine Love into the realm of humanity!"

-Deonna B.

"Lisa is a special lady with very special gifts. I had the pleasure of participating in both her group and
individual sessions. I highly recommend her services. After you see her you will feel light, renewed
and full of amazing energy. I did. I love working with her."

-Andrea V.

"Thank you for the amazingly healing session and especially for listening and caring.
I felt good last night. A little rough today, but without seeing you I cannot imagine where I'd be.
THX AGAIN the session was amazing and I wish I could do it every week!!!"

-Julie M.

"Thank you my dear Lisa for a lovely session.. the healing was outstanding,  above and beyond my expectations. I felt exhilarated, I was flying high from all the love!"

-Edward B.

"Lisa I really enjoyed the meditation I attended. You are truly a gifted healer and have some lovely
techniques that you use. Your touch is very soothing. I hope I can attend another event soon."

-Gail S.

“After a major surgery, Lisa healed my body by removing the anesthesia and the fear that was trapped in me due to the massive procedure. All I know is when I left the session it was as if I had never been operated on. I couldn’t even feel where the incisions were sutured.”

-Denise P.

“I had my first Love Immersion session with Lisa recently. I didn’t know what to expect. Lisa and I connected immediately. I felt so at ease sharing my story with her. Lisa’s hands radiate a strong warmth. It is pretty amazing.  Towards the end I realized I had tears running down my face, and got very emotional. It was a very deep experience. When she was done, we talked about what she felt in me. It was very interesting to discover I hold a lot of dark blockage in a particular part of my body. It made so much sense. On the way driving home I felt very happy and clear. I am going to return for more sessions to clear my body further. Lisa is very special and truly has a spiritual energy running through her. Thanks!”

-Kelly N.


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