Pregnancy ~ This session we will gently cleanse the womb space, where your precious child is residing and surround him/her with love, light, peace and healing energy. We will then enhance the heart to heart connection between you and your child. Streaming in Divine LOVE and sealing this scared bond with light and protection.

$100.00 - 1 hr

Post Pregnancy ~ Many new Mother’s have unexpressed and repressed emotions. This session is intended to help you open up and release those thoughts and feelings in a safe haven. Once you have cleared your mind and body of the stress, worry, doubt, exhaustion etc…Divine LOVE and peace will fill you from head to toe, inside and out. After this healing you will have an even deeper connection with your newborn as your energy will be clear, balanced, relaxed and full of LOVE.

$100.00 - 1 hr

LOVE Immersion Healing House

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